Smart, Green & Flexible: Building the future home for rent

Earlier this year, we had the opportunity to talk to 1,000 renters across the UK – covering those in both houses and flats – to get the clearest possible snapshot of the priorities of renters, identifying what matters the most to them.

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Our results pulled out 3 key topics that people feel strongly about

Smart technology - do smart homes have a clear appeal and desire amongst renters? 

The green agenda - is there a willingness to change behaviour/attitudes towards the environment? 

Flexibility in renting - what impact has the COVID-19 pandemic had on renting? 

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“With one in five people in the UK now renting their home, this view of the rental market is one of the most comprehensive snapshots of what renters are thinking and how they stratify their needs.”

Paul Staley, Managing Director at Wise Living 

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